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Chinese tourists to Vietnam were robbed and threw documents Hunan police Microblogs

On January 28, the Hunan-born tourists Xiao Yan (not her real name) is mugged while on holiday with his family in Vietnam, lost all the documents cannot be returned. On January 30, Xiao yan by Hunan provincial public security official Micro-Blog Twitter direct message @ Hunan public security online help @ Hunan public security staff online help, Hunan police within 3 hours is about Xiao yan and her family's identity information to Chinese Ambassador to Viet Nam Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City. At present, Xiao yan was successfully returned. Beijing license plate leased more than 10 000

Chinese tourists to Vietnam were robbed and threw documents Hunan police Microblogs interactions to help them return home Chinese tourists to Vietnam were robbed and threw documents Hunan police Microblogs interactions to help them return home Chinese tourists to Vietnam were robbed and threw documents Hunan police Microblogs interactions to help them return home Chinese tourists to Vietnam were robbed and threw documents Hunan police Microblogs interactions to help them return home

@ Online editors help Hunan public security seized upon returning visitors. This pictures are @ Hunan public security online

Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) Gets a Twitter direct message screenshots show, January 30, 12:45, Xiao yan to @ Hunan public security online for help, said his parents in Viet Nam was robbed while on holiday, all passport and visa were lost, and hope that the Hunan provincial public security Department will help to confirm the information as soon as possible to facilitate their early return. In this regard, the editor on duty while maintaining contact with Xiao yan, and to report to the head of the Hunan public security online @. Around 3 o'clock in the afternoon, Hunan police will feed information to our Consulate in Vietnam. All less than 3 hours.

On February 4, @ Hunan public security online reported that after the editor on duty to report to the head of the Hunan public security online @, head of the Hunan Province Public Security Bureau immediately feedback to population and immigration authority, Zhang Yunfeng, Director of citizens working overseas. The Bureau immediately to come from China's Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City approves the request for verification of information, and at about 3 o'clock in the afternoon, feedback from Chinese Consulate General in Vietnam, Zhiming, Xiao yan was properly addressed a problem.

Surging News learned from police in Hunan province, Xiao yan said: "thank the motherland's help! "February 3, Xiao yan Twitter feedback, he and his family have been successfully returned.

Henan village on new year s Eve massacre 3 dead 7 injured Mayor the investigation

On February 1, the zhecheng County in Henan Province Public Security Bureau official letter public, "Echeng police" reported that on January 28, 10 minutes, the command center by police: du Village, Huang Xiang, a murder occurred. City and county-level public security organs promptly launched mechanism for homicide suspect Liu guozhen was quickly controlled.

Henan village on new year's Eve massacre 3 dead, 7 injured, Mayor: the investigation found no contradictions and disputes

On January 28, 10 min Huang JI Xiang du Jiao village, zhecheng County with many casualties caused by the case. City Express

Reported that the investigation, armed villagers Liu Liu guozhen, 10 people injured, at present, 3 people have been killed, other wounded are in full treatment. "After the incident, police are trying to dispose of related work, cases are being further processed".

New year's Eve tragedy 3 dead, 7 injured

Press queries to the surging, paste it "Echeng" net transfer of a signed "the County Executive's Office" but not material-stamped photos show, January 28 at 10 hours, Huang Xiang du pit village, zhecheng County cases of multiple injuries occurred. After investigation, villager Liu guozhen (male, 46), neighbourhood conflicts holding hammer villagers Liu Mouli (male, 36 years old) increased, Liu (male, 53 years old), Liu Hai (male, 50), three people injured. At present, induced Liu Hai, Liu Li, Liu Mouhao (male, 10 years old) killed three people and wounded seven other people, the injured are trying to rescue. Suspect Liu guozhen was under control, the case is under further investigation.

The material said, event occurred Hou, County, and County Government height attention, by County Standing Committee, and County Communist Party Secretary Sun Wentao any working group leader, organization police, and Emperor set Xiang party Government, about sector personnel overnight rushed to the site do case processing work, a is timely contact County 120 command center, will injured personnel rushed to county people hospital rescue, full save injured personnel life, II is do site protection work, police on case timely detected, lock and control suspects Liu guozhen, Three is organizing town village officials to reassure the families of the victims, to deal with the aftermath work.

On January 30, zhecheng County Board Office staff confirmed to the news the surging, these mesh material, but internal reports, specific circumstances need to ask County Public Security Bureau.

Suspects have a son mental problems

On January 30, surging Huang Xiang Township surnamed Guo told News 10 in addition to the dead and injured Liu Moubo (19 years old) is stopping by misfortune outside, are Liu Li, Liu, and Liu Hai, the three family members injured Liu Zeng and Liu Hai is the brother of the deceased, Liu Hao Liu increased the deceased's grandson.

Steward describes surnamed Guo, suspect Liu guozhen, 46, his wife worked outside all year, the new year on the first of two whom he has 3 children, aged 21, 19 and 18 respectively, both in College, an intelligence problem; suspect Liu guozhen was the only child, weekday and fellow villagers get along well. Years Ningxia shizuishan newlyweds imaginary future

Township surnamed Guo said, the township government is actively doing emotional comfort to the families of the victims, victims ' families emotions are now more stable, taking care of the wounded, hope to get to the rescue.

For Qian said County do material in the said incident "for neighborhood contradictions", Guo Township said, "Troubleshooting of when has never no found he (Liu guozhen) has any of exception situation, because I do peace construction this a, regular all village are to troubleshooting contradictions disputes, he has never no (Note: should for ' has never no found he ') and who occurred had spat, also no and who noisy had frame.

Steward also surnamed Guo said, Liu guozhen the night of the crime did not drink alcohol. Township surnamed Guo emphasized that her information, she assisted police in dealing with the case said, if to be exact, up to date news, the need to consult the police.

On January 30, zhecheng County Public Security Bureau publicity told a surging news, as of now (January 30), no change in the number of casualties and the case is under further investigation, Liu guozhen's motive was not clear to him. Zhecheng County party Committee propaganda Department staff, inform the latest progress of the case.

Micro letter envelopes on new year s Eve battle receive 14 2 billion by 80 zero

Micro-grab a red envelope, and seems to have become the most popular group activities on new year's Eve.

January 28, Tencent released data show that new year's Eve (January 27), micro-credit operators total number of send and receive red envelopes to surge again, receiving a total 14.2 billion, 75.7% over the last year.

Special occasion, January 27, at 24 o'clock, micro-peak red blessings, receiving 760,000 per second. Per second at peak time and receive 409,000 last year red envelopes.

Worth noting is, with 846 million monthly active users of micro-letter, only send and receive red envelopes in the peak before and after a minute or two of little Cottonwood, and abnormal connections in previous years, and Caton occasionally happen.

Micro letter envelopes on new year's Eve battle: receive 14.2 billion by 80% zero per second 760,000

Micro letter face to face with a red envelope

Micro letter envelopes geometry level increases every year: 2014 on new year's Eve, slightly red envelopes to send and receive a total of 16 million in 2015, new year's Eve, slightly red envelopes send and receive volume exceeded 1 billion. 2016, slightly red envelopes to send and receive a total of 8.08 billion.

Micro letter envelopes this year almost no marketing activities, Tencent also advocates users to spend more time with his family, but Red's charms remain undiminished.

PayPal micro-letter envelopes and fought in previous years and this year was no war with the app directly, but continued its Fukai harvesting activities.

Micro letter envelopes on new year's Eve battle: receive 14.2 billion by 80% zero per second 760,000

PayPal "set of five" red lottery

The evening of January 27, Alipay, "set five" red lottery, 160 million people (figures 167966715) carved up 200 million yuan in cash envelopes, 1.19 Yuan per person on average. Most users get 1 Yuan, Tan was also in the network had received 666.

Last year, PayPal intends to reduce one "dedicated blessing" card rate, when you want users to give blessings to each other binding social relationships and the users accused. Last 790,000 people split the money, got 271 Yuan per person.

This year, Alipay, reducing the threshold for the games, said it would take "professional blessing" to everyone. Expecting to obtain the user's heart, but objectively, no increase in bonus pool, eventually divided up per person amounts to too little, some "hard" set Fu immensely disappointed. 730 burst after the accident Samsung announced

"With a little less money, but I also don't worry about it, and we plan a Lea, nor by the fortune and blessing cards on each sheet can also scratch, the prize is selected, is also good. "That night, PayPal" five red envelopes "Guanhua product manager explains. He wrote a long article published in the PayPal app to the public, and on Twitter, and in the end sent a photo of a red hair on his knees.

Micro letter envelopes on new year's Eve battle: receive 14.2 billion by 80% zero per second 760,000

PayPal product manager "begged" users understand

As of press time, PayPal has not released data for send and receive red envelopes.

It is worth mentioning that, although micro-letter envelopes that are not official market this year, Tencent QQ another social carriers this year independence war.

January 28, at 3 o'clock in the morning on behalf of QQ micro-letter set off a red envelope released data this year, QQ "LBS+AR heaven red envelopes" and "another brush red envelope" general staff and users to a maximum of 342 million, after the share 68%, users receive 3.777 billion in total cash envelopes and cards coupon package.

Micro letter envelopes on new year's Eve battle: receive 14.2 billion by 80% zero per second 760,000

QQ red envelopes to the new rules of the game after the love

Tencent Vice President Yin Yu said spring QQ bonus activity hit a record high this year, thanks to the AR (augmented reality) technology and innovative applications. 70% participation of young users, also allows us to see the vitality of frontier science and technology among young people.

Alibaba camp here are Sina microblog, weibo payment system PayPal. Twitter this year United v red envelopes, issued 1 billion yuan worth of new year's Eve red envelopes. New year's Eve last year, friends Rob Twitter envelopes total number of more than 800 million times, which has more than 100 million Internet users get a red envelope.

Jiangsu Rugao modified network media go a red and white Council community exerted

"The marriage knot is not dead ' death ' debt is not.

In Rugao City, Jiangsu Province, General party branch Secretary Zhou Jiuhai Xilai, Zhou Zhuang communities in the past, encountered a weddings and funerals, Zhouzhuang, widespread competition. In accordance with local practice, a wedding takes 3 days and funeral arrangement to 1 week, having a feast in spending generally in million Yuan.

In order to "face", the rich lavish feasts, not even borrow money to big money. Zhou Jiuhai said, and some even for loans on the banquet didn't also banks on "blacklist".

Now, with the community "Folk Festival Hall" the emergence of this phenomenon has largely ceased to exist.

Jiangsu Rugao  modified network media go a red-and-white Council community exerted favors comparisons of wind

Folk Festival Hall next to Zhou Zhuang community public service center. This pictures are journalists surging yuanjie

New 3 years ago as "Folk Festival Hall", is the biggest characteristic of cheap

Zhou Zhuang communities located in Rugao area southwest from Rugao station, take bus 40 minutes. Public information, Zhou Zhuang group under the jurisdiction of 25 villagers, population of more than 4,000 employees, is the birthplace of the Red Army's 14th army.

Walk into the village, asked about Folk-Festival Hall, the villagers are surging enthusiasm for news (www.thepaper.CN) journalist the way. Villager Ding said that Folk Festival Hall is next to the Zhou Zhuang community neighborhood Committee, she used to visit.

"Go there now who have something done, old Tang Leung two days ago, I went to eat dinner. "Ding said.

Journalists saw the surging, Folk Festival Hall two floors, close to Zhou Zhuang community public service center, scale as much as some midsize hotel in downtown.

Zhou Zhuang communities General party branch Secretary Zhou Jiuhai said Folk Festival Hall was built in August 2013, the construction area is about 450 square meters, can accommodate up to 30 feast. After the completion of Zhouzhuang Folk Festival Hall has been rented in the village villager Qian Wenbin operations. According to the number of hosting weddings and funerals, the village will be part of the rent relief, to show his support.

Compare with downtown Folk Festival Hall is the biggest feature is the cheapest.

Sun Meilin villagers to wife after a 70 at the end of last year, at the Folk Festival Hall 20 table. She said that during the Folk Festival Hall a table of only 400 Yuan. Surging more villagers to reporters that Folk Festival Hall 400/table items, big hotel 800-1000 standard is equivalent to the town.

Count down, a feast can save 600 Yuan, 20 tables, 12000 Yuan. To make some extra utilities and the Cook's labor costs, but compared with saving 12000, Sun Meilin, is "money".

On January 18 this year, Wang Xiaokun villagers to celebrate his clothing factory on the move, and for more than 70 years old his father's birthday, at the Folk Festival Hall 8 feast meal please look at theatrical performances.

According to reports, Wang Xiaokun not Zhou Zhuang people, moved by the town people, but three km away, this time made a special trip to Zhouzhuang banquet. "Feast well on this side, I hope that our town has a similar Folk Festival Hall in the future. "Wang Xiaokun said.

Jiangsu Rugao  modified network media go a red-and-white Council community exerted favors comparisons of wind

Folk Festival Hall close-range photogrammetry

Folk Council created to develop service standards

Folk Festival Hall was built at the same time, Zhou Zhuang communities also mobilizes those of prestige and influence of the old party members, cadres and other organizations set up the boom of Community Council of red and white.

Develop service standards for the funerals in the village of the red-and-white Council, arranged a red that is no more than 1 day, arranged a funeral arrangement not exceeding 3 days, each table costs less than 500 Yuan, tobacco, liquor price no more than 20 Yuan and 100 Yuan respectively, money no more than 400 Yuan.

Red and white board provides also do funerals, not arranging luxury fleet, not to engage in grand pomp, not vulgar band.

Jiangsu Rugao  modified network media go a red-and-white Council community exerted favors comparisons of wind

Folk Festival Hall Zhouzhuang scene on the South side.

Journalists saw the surging, in Folk Festival Hall South side, there is a "Zhouzhuang scene." According to local villagers, Zhouzhuang, stage and folk celebration of Fame, is a symbol of customs reform.

"We do weddings and funerals in rural areas, according to custom to invite people over, an opera" Xie says, villagers and old, without Zhou before the stage singing table is usually the nearest lift, either in front of or behind the House, and sometimes can even take to the road chaos.

Now, no matter which service, daily into the boom of performing on the big stage, open space, and there is no site fees. When there is no show, big stage are the villagers jump square dance and the kids play place. Is to fill school Wang Nana read consider whether

Zhou Jiuhai said that along with the rapid development of the rural economy, and a few scientific and civilized consumption from time to time, people compare negative social phenomena such as wind, waste, eating and drinking has become increasingly serious.

"Folk festival after Church and Zhouzhuang scene, past practice in the village improved, a new mode of customs in Zhouzhuang has comprehensive and in-depth. "Zhou Jiuhai said.

Shanghai CPPCC import two thirds device suggested speeding up core technology

Photo: network

"Investment in fixed assets investment in equipment imports 2/3, main products of equipment manufacturing technology source 50% more than relying on imported from abroad. "Shanghai CPPCC Member Jin Guowei January 18 Committee of 12 Shanghai five meetings to address the General Assembly stated that the engine for sustained economic development can not be separated from supports of the equipment manufacturing industry, Shanghai as an important base for domestic equipment manufacturing industry, to speed up the research and development of core technologies and upgrades.

Jin Guowei said that after decades of development of equipment manufacturing industry in Shanghai, has formed a relatively complete system of equipment manufacturing industry, but since the 2008 global financial crisis, affected by a slow recovery of the global economy, its huge overcapacity and lack of core technologies and basic parts, equipment manufacturing industry in Shanghai hit, slow development of equipment manufacturing industry has become an important factor restricting the development of Shanghai's economy.

Jin Guowei an example first half of last year, Shanghai machine tool manufacturer provides a value of the joint venture to SAIC nearly high-end processing equipment, after years of research, its overall performance has reached the level of similar foreign products, get customer approval. 75% kit equipment introduced from abroad, more than 60% per cent of the total cost, final product can only be a small profit. September total profits of industrial enterprises

"The cruel reality manufacturers are in a dilemma. "In his analysis, the main reason is, once upon a time made of" market for technology "slogan, due to the lack of matching policies and regulations, resulting in the investment negotiations, the foreign reserve and tough attitude towards technology, and we are motivated by various factors and interests, weak policy implementation, surrender market did not or rarely talk on technology. Result is that markets don't give away, the core technology but not to.

Another reason is that the basic component is the current most fragile boards of equipment manufacturing industry in Shanghai. For a long time "host, light-based" Outlook on impact should not be underestimated, and undertakes fundamental research and generic technology research and development of a large number of research institutes, for conversion after becoming more focused on applied research and industrialization of the quick, Shanghai based components research and development, led to the current lack of common technology and basic research support.

Jin Guowei believes that energy level is urgent upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry. To break the bottleneck, he suggested, we must first build a core competitive advantage of the whole industrial chain integration innovation industrial leading enterprise.

"Industrial development experience has shown that the basis of large enterprises, enterprises in equipment manufacturing and industry leading role is irreplaceable, a complete innovation chain should be the cornerstone of basic research, the generic technology research as a link, to develop applications for the export. "Jin Guowei said that Shanghai should play" governance, production, learning and research, "the advantages, promote integrated innovation of equipment manufacturing industry, speeding up of high-end technical services to foster a number of core technologies and the overall design and system integrators of competitive advantage, pulling the upstream and downstream industry chain enterprises" chain "of innovation.

Secondly, the basis for the development and improvement of key components. Jin Guowei said that "basic components" is the core of equipment manufacturing industry in the future and lead the industry, its volume smaller than the Terminal, but higher profits, lower strength of industrial investment, for SME involvement. From the point of view of policy, various hidden barriers should be eliminated to break industrial monopolies and exploration on the reform of investment system innovation and pioneering. Realization of State, private enterprises with the participation of the entire value chain of integrated innovation system; in addition, outside of direct financial subsidies, Governments, relevant departments should provide "basic components" provides incentives such as tax exemptions, interest-free loans to projects clearly relevant supporting rules, actively encourage enterprises, in particular SMEs ' access to this critical area.

"Shanghai equipment manufacturing industry on the basis of imported, and continuously improve the original technology and product research and development capabilities. "Jin Guowei said that Shanghai must be implemented as soon as possible, changes in technological innovation--from the imported" follow "mode to the introduction and innovation of a combination of" breakthrough "model. Meanwhile, to further implement the strategy of import substitution, adjust product mix, improve technology content and added value of products, thereby promoting the technological transformation, renewal and upgrading of equipment manufacturing product.

More professional reports, please click here to download "screen press" APP

Pingtang in Guizhou villagers Cliff Road 18 annual traffic raise funds to buy

CCTV news client on January 14, a tea of Pingtang County in Guizhou province, the town has a small mountain village located in stone mountain, it is redundant orders of Tuan Jie Cun Xi Liang area group. For a long time, due to the high mountains and steep slopes, has no roads, the local people is very difficult. In 1998, when Wang Changwu decided to bring folks of the village leader road. This fix is for 18 years. Beginning of the year 2017, the "Pilgrim's progress" has finally opened.

On January 9, 2017, for redundant order group of villagers is a special day. Because on this day, one born here, now working in the field of boys with his girlfriend back home wedding, a wedding convoy drove into the village of mighty. This is redundant and order cars for the first time directly into the village.

The groom Long Deyong: the very feeling today. Why? Because I was the first to fix the road, home wedding, getting married. And think about their older generations, or parents, feeling that it is not easy, not easy.

Bridal tanhongli: when I first came to this road does not fix, I still wear shoes like that, come in the morning when the shoes are rotten. Today very happy, really, have sent teams to really not easy.

18 years ago, would like to order only a 3.9-km trail leading to the mountain, nearly two hours to walk from village to village road at the foot of the mountain. Local was popular in a few words: "women do not marry redundant order lang, a ride West housing. Only all year round January-food, rare one year back.

Tuan Jie Cun village Mr WONG Siu-yee: from stone on the way to, a ladder a ladder, such as stairs. And in some places very steep, seen this way, when we never thought there would be access.

Facing travel problems, when the village head Wang Changwu, decided to take everyone through a section of mountain road.

When the road was spontaneous, Government does not pass village road project funding. Wang Changwu from the local government that led to a number of roads with explosives. Wang Changwu organize donation pool the steel hammer, to lead the villagers began to dig a road in the slack season. Paotu, after the stone, then cleaned debris. Foshan police chased Takahashi fell from 10 meters

However, several months later, just hundreds of meters away from the road. Because the project was too slow, some villagers started their meaning.

Wang Changwu villagers took four or five years ' time, took only two kilometres of road. This road is two meters wide, the narrowest one meter, can barely have a farming tricycle. But go on, all hard as iron walls. Increasingly difficult to repair the road, everyone feels down, only two or three villagers were willing to follow Wang Changwu, project had to be stopped. Wang Changwu himself had left the idea.

In this way, Wang Changwu leave home and travel to Guangdong to work. Working outside of the day, his heart always fit the way home that was not completed, and soon he was back in the village, decided to bring everyone to continue.

In 2004, Wang Changwu again to return home. He mobilized, organized by a team made up of more than 40 villagers dig a road team continued construction was not completed before the start of the "Pilgrim's progress".

Because the slope is steep, open dumping gravel it cannot directly under Hill, but you want to use to build the roadbed. This work is important to engineering, but also more difficult and more dangerous. Being a leader on the Wang Changwu has its own.

After more than 10 years of effort, by 2013 the road began with a prototype. Sees road fixed, at that time, Wang Changwu wife a cerebral hemorrhage he fell ill.

Unity Village Committee Director Wang Changwu: four o'clock in the afternoon she was sick, to operate until 10 o'clock, if traffic is good, she can then can operate for two hours, she will not be so serious.

Due to the inconvenient transportation, his wife missed the optimal treatment time. It makes Wang Changwu strengthened determination to repair the road a day earlier.

Zhang Changli Wang Changwu wife: he has to go home and take care of me, and to organize road. He says he has no tired opened the road, students read to convenient points.

Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. By 2014, Wang Changwu and finally to lead villagers on the steep mountain ridge, carved out a rough road. Although it cannot leave the car, but villagers never said goodbye to the shoulders back history, you can use the cart and motorcycle goods.

Not long after, and made villagers more happy news, financing local authorities about 1.8 million yuan of funds to help the villagers continue to the road.

With government funding support, and specialized construction teams to help, project has advanced rapidly. On January 4, 2017 3.9 km road was finally completed on January 8 was formally opened. After 18 years of hard work, would like to order groups of villagers finally ushered in the best new year's gift, round ancestral expectation of road dreams.

Unity Village Committee Director Wang Changwu: persistence for so many years, pass on this road, I hope with the masses, as well as outside people, at the same time to get rich off the road, road. (This article was originally entitled the pingtang in Guizhou Cliff chisel "Pilgrim's progress" 18 annual opening)

A tourist in Kunming s haigeng dam to catch seagulls pictures was broken after

Information Center City times January 10 in Kunming, Kunming's haigeng dam grab gulls occurred. On January 9, 4 appeared to catch seagulls haigeng dam. One of the most serious and caused a gull wings bleed, the parties have been punished by forest police.

A tourist in Kunming's haigeng dam to catch seagulls pictures, was broken after being stopped by security Gull wings

On January 9, the blue sky and white clouds in Kunming, although on Monday, but Hai Geng dam on the packed. Photos photos, feeding seagulls, and visitors from afar. Suddenly, a more than 50-year old male, grabbed a gull, with the hand holding the wings of seagulls.

A tourist in Kunming's haigeng dam to catch seagulls pictures, was broken after being stopped by security Gull wings

"Can't catch, fast. "Security personnel patrolling just in time to see this scene, quickly stepped forward to stop it. After security discouraged, he angrily grabbed Gull wings swung down, seagulls fell to the ground. This fall, causing Gull wings, blood also.

Wounded seagulls can't normal flight, lying on the ground. Next visitors were stunned by the man's behavior. Visitor said: "we are all concerned about the seagulls, but nobody came to stop, for fear of offending people. "But security without mercy, the man directly back to the Office and called the police. A webcast funeral home cremation funeral business

According to reports, the same day, 3 grab gulls occur at haigeng dam. 4:10 P.M. at haigeng dams and sea view road intersection, a more than 30-year old male visitor with fed-induced, grabs a Seagull. Photographed after the end of a 60-something men with hand Gull continued to take pictures. Both haigeng RUC's behavior was seen, in the face of security questions, the two men said: "I don't know that seagulls cannot catch, I think they can take away. "Two attacks on staff.

5 o'clock in the afternoon, and about a 50 year old male tourists, when to feed the seagulls, caught the Seagull. The men grabbed the gull's feet, next to a friend took his picture, not stopped modeling. Hai Geng intercepted after security personnel found, the man put the seagulls.

4 grab gulls above, forest, Kunming Police Office treatment and punishment. Among them, the Seagull wings of man, subject to fine of Black-headed Gull 5-8 price. While other 3 grab gulls and subject to Black-headed Gull 1 time price fine.

(Formerly titled haigeng 4 grab gulls incidents one man in the face of the dam security of suppression of Gull wings broken)

Do not pay pension insurance do not award land titles In shangluo city of Shaanxi

China business news reported on January 7, complete pension levy index higher, the community came up with no pension insurance will not give way to granting land titles.

Residents do not pay pension insurance, not to comment on the poor

Endowment insurance system for urban and rural residents in the implementation in 2011, 60 years of age to pensioners, for villagers is tangible waste management act. However, Chinese businessmen in town, shanyang County, shangluo city residents to reflect recently, their community imposed by when pensions cadres required 16 years old to 60 years to pay, or not to change the land titles, after in the community is allowed to go through other procedures.

On January 5, in the town of slate Temple community, several residents are sitting together to discuss pension matters. "Community, you don't pay, evaluation of poor households are not on the assessment, to the community after a stamp is difficult. "Our old man said his age doesn't really matter, but young people are reluctant to pay, home of 60 years on the elderly without pensions.

Residents said the community leaders met in order to such propaganda, although many people do have difficulties, but still have to pay. Even more annoying is not, land titles will not give change. We doubt if had a voluntary policy, why now become mandatory?

Community: finish the collection of tasks, cadres were withheld wages

In this regard, Miao Tai Shu Duanzheng said the community leader, does when their in mobilizing the masses, make who later moved to account if you do not need to be sealed, or is there any preferential policy will not be considered. He admitted that they say at a community meeting, other places have done, is to collect pension funds as soon as possible.

"So to speak is to scare residents, no real Executive. "Miao Tai Lu Man Quan, Deputy Secretary of the party branch said the community, give them tasks in town, community-wide pension payable more than more than 800 the number of people, currently only by more than 600 people, and compared to other units in the town, ranked second, is also interviewed in this town that he," If you finish collecting tasks, community cadre wages would be withheld ".

Project leader: this is an illegal act, requires towns to correct

5th, Slate's Mayor Cai Min says, the pension levy counties issued documents on, finished the task on the village, village officials will be punished, town finished the town leadership will also be affected. Each village has its way in the village of, in order to complete the task, some cadres can only be its own Fund. He said mass that propaganda does not comply with policy, but there is no way.

Slate town government provided reporters with a piece of old-age insurance payment progress statistics showed that as of January 5, 14 5 villages has completed a task. To ensure that the task is complete, shanyang County in December 2016, the Government also issued a Government overseeing communications, requiring the town to ensure that old-age insurance completed by the end of 2017-paying tasks.

Shanyang Endowment said Yang Ximin, Director of the Office of urban and rural residents, good policy implementation problems, the root cause is policy advocacy is not in place, public insurance awareness is not strong. In some places, "local rules" forced pension, this is against the rules, they may correct its mistake immediately asked the slate town is.

(Formerly titled do not pay pension insurance for land titles? Shanyang County Community, Deputy Secretary of the party branch: to complete the task "scare" of residents) Real estate information underground industrial

United States aircraft carriers after World War II no combat duty for the first

United States aircraft carriers after World War II no combat duty for the first time, the experts: don't read too much

"Eisenhower" aircraft carrier

According to the United States on Fox News Network reported on December 30, 2016, in 2017, the first week, the United States will withdraw from the aircraft carriers deployed in the Middle East, is particularly noteworthy, in the global ocean, compared with no one in a State of war readiness duty carriers, this is the first time since the end of World War II.

It is reported that "Eisenhower" aircraft carrier strike group has carried out a 7-month combat deployment in the Middle East, in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf for "Islamic countries" (IS) has launched hundreds of air strikes. United States Navy officer said, had planned to take over "Eisenhower" and "George Bush" aircraft carrier because of the cost, has been postponed for 6 months, now remain in the dock.

Unnamed surging on news of the military experts (www.thepaper.CN), which is the result of comprehensive reasons, first is the restriction of the military, but it is a skill shortage, the main problem is that the domestic political impact. Ningbo a first instance death penalty murder mother

"Mr Obama is in social welfare spending, the federal debt, the military made a lot of cuts. "The experts said," Although this reflected the American financial really short of money, but much of this was the result of politicians for their political interests, rather than United States economic reflection of the real situation.

In addition, the United States is one of the reasons the aircraft carrier's deployment system.

United States aircraft carriers after World War II no combat duty for the first time, the experts: don't read too much

"Eisenhower" on the aircraft carrier fighter

At present, the United States Navy has 10 aircraft carriers in active service, its lowest level since the end of the cold war. 2013, in order to meet the needs of strategic deterrence and military action, United States Navy developed the "increased carrier frontier existence program" carrier frequencies from each 32-month deployment once every 36 months will be deployed two times.

Nevertheless, United States naval officer from December 2016, said United States Navy needed a new aircraft carrier. However, the 11th aircraft carrier "Ford" class ship is only water, has not yet been served.

Said unnamed military experts believe that the United States lack of aircraft carriers in a State of combat readiness, it means the diminution of military intervention, if the Middle East or Northeast Asia important at this time of emergency, United States will be without a major intervention.

News understands that the surging, now US aircraft carrier returning fleet stations, with Japan in Yokosuka, home port of the "Washington" in May 2015, returned to the United States to carry out medium-term maintenance and updating, and replace it by "Ronald Reagan" was the Yokosuka base to rest.

"However, despite this, to some extent, signifies the beginning of decline of its sea power, but does not mean the United States Navy was setting sun sunset, don't read too much into it. "The expert said," the United States economy has the potential to completely dig through policy adjustments to increase military spending, strengthened deployment is not the problem.

According to the Israel of "Jerusalem online" news, January 1, 2017, although the United States has not deployed the aircraft carrier, but retained, including carrying thousands of Marines amphibious assault ships and a large number of ships, including warships, are forward-deployed State.

In addition, the United States Navy third fleet, announced, "Carl Vinson" carrier strike group will be starting on January 5 this year from North Island Naval Station in San Diego, California, to the Asia-Pacific.

General Manager of State owned enterprises in Shanxi province drank fine wine

Shanxi energy traffic investment limited (Xia referred to "Shanxi can voted") staff December 28 to surging News (www.thepaper.CN) reflect, November 4, Shanxi province real estate investment limited (for Shanxi can voted two level subsidiary, Xia referred to "real estate company") General Manager Wang Zhixiong in out study during, for in and cooperation party dinner Shi was invited drink high-end wine, was real estate company branch Secretary, and Chairman Wang Chang WINS blocked, both returned to hotel Hou Wang Zhixiong beat King often WINS. 90 years old and denied travel return flight the

News from Shanxi to the surging Investment Commission for discipline inspection confirmed that Wang Zhixiong due to numbness of the mouth and the body in the event of conflict bear the primary responsibility, delay, any adverse impact on society, warning within the party.

General Manager of State-owned enterprises in Shanxi province drank fine wine for a dinner party were prevented from injuring the Party Secretary, warning by party

Discipline Committee decision documents. Staff of the Shanxi province will cast photo

Above will cast staff in Shanxi province, Wang Zhixiong and Wang Changsheng, a line of three people go out to investigate, before settling in on November 4 in wuzhai County, Xinzhou city, Shanxi. During the dinner, the partners made Wang Zhixiong, please drink 20 fen (belonging to the Shanxi local upscale wine, at more than 400 Yuan), on suspicion of violating the eight regulations, Party Secretary Wang Chang Sheng-block. After the end of a meal, Wang Zhixiong Wang Chang Sheng room altercation, Wang Zhixiong around Wang Changsheng neck lying in bed, and two punch to his face, was continued beating King after winning roll out of bed.

General Manager of State-owned enterprises in Shanxi province drank fine wine for a dinner party were prevented from injuring the Party Secretary, warning by party

Wang Chang-sheng of the diagnosis. Staff of the Shanxi province will cast photo

Great Wall hospital dated November 5, Taiyuan's proving displayed, 49-year old Wang Chang-sheng of facial trauma induced by bilateral orbital swelling, localized bruising, blurred vision and throat trauma-induced local pain, swelling, discomfort.

December 27, Shanxi can voted discipline check Committee released on give Wang Zhixiong comrade party serious warning disposition of decided said, in November 4 out study during, Shanxi can voted party propaganda long, and real estate company General Manager Wang Zhixiong and real estate company branch Secretary, and Chairman Wang Chang WINS occurred spat and body conflict, in event in the bear main responsibility; Wang Zhixiong as members leaders, cannot lead play example role, bungle work, in community and workers masses caused serious bad effect, Warning within the party.

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