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School graduates returned to Hubei business manufacture new drugs cited the

When once again into public view, 33, Wang Bo (a pseudonym) chose a different way.

In his home town Hubei Huanggang, Bo became the talk of stars on several occasions: three received second prize in the National Chemistry Olympiad Finals, sent a prestigious Beijing in 2014, home business, become the object of focus of local government.

According to the China Youth daily reported on October 28, the morning of October 27, his name appeared in Huanggang City Public Security Bureau announced by the Ministry of public security supervising extra manufacturing, trafficking, drug smuggling case. Bo is now suspected groups of core staff.

On suspicion of manufacturing, smuggling hundreds of kilograms of the national management and control of new psychoactive substances (new drug journalist), illegal profits of 4.5 million Yuan, in June this year, Wang Bo and his gang apprehended by the police.

From graduates of prestigious universities in Beijing, home business star to criminal suspects, Bo's life why the reversal? In recent days, the China Youth daily online reporter went to the Huanggang green visited.

LED lamp the mystical crystals

Huanggang middle school's official website, still to be found, in 2001, Bo capacity to send student to attend a prestigious Beijing chemical and Molecular Engineering Institute.

Huanggang local public reports showed that in 2014, as local governments introduced "talents", Bo back to Huanggang, become, one of the founders of the biotech limited, engaged in "non-natural amino acids, novel anti-cancer drug development and production." Municipal Government leaders also made a special trip to Bo visit high hopes.

In June of this year, this one had "start-up stars" quietly fall.

The incident in March this year. Huangzhou station, Huanggang City Public Security Bureau Narcotics Division brigade and police station, Chen CE floor joint during a routine check, before such an Office in a local chemical plant found in the plant, the raw materials for the production of sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, such as required reporting. Peripheral understanding shows that laboratory personnel activities hidden. Series of undercover investigation and then spread.

In early June, a message was to Huangzhou by Shenzhen Police Public Security Bureau: Shenzhen longhua from Huanggang City Express to an international logistics company LED lamp, possession of 500 grams of pale yellow crystals, suspected drugs, the sender claims to be "small" contact logistics company through QQ, requires delivery to Spain and the Netherlands, and Poland and other countries. Working grandfather revisited 40 high temperature

Two anomalies are associated hidden? A team was set up by joint task force composed of Huangzhou station, Huanggang City Public Security Bureau. Investigators on three separate roads, sender QQ number and at Huanggang courier companies, as well as local touches such as a chemical plant row.

Survey shows that suspicious of QQ users to Huangzhou District a household on a plot of 29 years old woman Wu Yun (pseudonym), and "little" real name was Bo.

Further information shows that Wu Yun and Wang Bo were married. At a local chemical plant workshop in Bo hire and Bo hired his cousin Wang Fei (a pseudonym), who suspected drugs manufactured in the factory.

New drugs seized over more than 600 kilograms

On June 8, Huangzhou city Bo and a local chemical plant, Wang Bo, Wu Yun, Wang Fei and field workers were captured.

Police seized raw materials such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, ethyl ester 4.6 tons, seized 611.3 kilograms of suspected drugs and found more than more than 20 LED lights in the Bo home balcony.

Also seized were 3 laptop, retained 55 Express, as well as extensive use of others ' information, such as for the USB and the bank card.

611.3 kg products are not drugs? Project commencement of the trial. Police investigators said: "in the beginning, Wang said only products of amino acids, not drugs.

However, different from the General case is that Bo used to mail to connect with buyers all-English, and contains a large number of chemical formula.

Police immediately requested the translation to English teachers, industrial park, and sent samples to other chemistry identification company, also find it difficult to come up with accurate results.

Meanwhile, other samples were sent to the Ministry of public security Narcotics Bureau of laboratory accreditation. Results: Bo Group's products are country has control of new psychoactive substances.

Research sales "one-stop" operation

Case of Public Security Department of Hubei Province, the Ministry of public security, high priority. The two leaders personally tried the Bo group. A collection of advertising, contact the buyer, purchasing raw materials, development, drugs, smuggling, sale of industrial chain surfaced.

According to police investigation, early May 2010 to 2014, Wang Bo and his wife work with a pharmaceutical company in Shanghai, Bo served as Director of the research team, led a group of about 30 people team development XI card synthesis process of new psychoactive substances such as ketamine, acquire the relevant production technology. Wu Yun in the company responsible for the purchase of raw materials.

Aware that this kind of material in foreign demand, high profit, in early 2014, the couple quit home business team-independent production and sales of the new psychoactive substance.

Group Division of labor is clear. Bo is the main leader in chemical professional advertising on the site in English, looking for foreign buyers, and then with the customer contact; Wu Yun is responsible for buying raw materials over a network, contact your logistics sales; Wang Fei in accordance with technology provided by Bo, organizing workers in mass production, while Bo and under the guidance of new psychoactive substances research experiments.

Since 2014, Wu Yun gang contacts from the Web, Jiangsu, Shandong, Wuhan and other chemical companies to purchase raw materials, including the State column of precursor chemicals. Dens is hidden in Wuhan, Huangshi, Huanggang, Huangzhou District industrial park. The products are made, the gang through the Huanggang logistics company, destined for Shanghai, Shenzhen international logistics company, smuggled abroad.

A detail is that Bo groups through the logistics when selling products abroad, product name, sender's name and phone number on the package and so on, are not real information.

According to police counts, 2014, the Bo group companies were sent by courier methyl ketones drugs West 630 kg, profits of nearly RMB. Among them, the illegal profits of 4.5 million Yuan.

Original, October 1, 2015 zhihou, despite national clear will 2-methyl methyl card West ketone, and 3-methyl methyl card West ketone, and 4-chlorine methyl card West ketone, products as drug, Bo groups still in November 2015 production has 370 kg around of 4-chlorine methyl card West ketone, and 20 kg around of 2-methyl methyl card West ketone, in this year March production has 600 kg around of 4-chlorine methyl card West ketone.

"Due to the introduction of new control list on October 1, 2015, becoming an important node in the handling of the case. "Huanggang Public Security Bureau head of the anti-drug Brigade Tan Zuohong introduced after October 1, 2015, these products are drugs, production, possession and sale are illegal.

Profits under crazy

On October 27, the reporter arrived at wangbo manufacturing base located in Huangzhou in a chemical plant.

Nearly 1000 square meters of factory buildings, is classified as a Hall, laboratories, storage rooms and other spaces. Hall furnishings in the reactor, the trailer, looks no different from the General chemical plants.

Park Manager Wang Shifu's impression, on behalf of Bo and the production of ordinary chemicals, with about 10,000 yuan a month to rent the plant, but usually little, about once a month, the workshop was his cousin Wang Fei and a few workers come and go, "seems to be nothing in the production activity during the day, mostly at night."

Park workers

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